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The FDM 2012 Annual

Thick As A Brick.. FDM 2012 Annual

This was the first Fruits de Mer release I was a part of. It contains my rendition of “Thick As A Brick”. This track went through a few revisions, trying to get it to sound less like Tull and more like “Me”. Which is sometimes difficult to do. A song like this, that I have heard so many times…and have been playing live for a while, is hard to “get away from”…but I think that it ended up sounding pretty different!


Keep Off The Grass

Keep Off The Grass

“Keep Off The Grass” is a 2 LP Set from Fruits De Mer Records, UK : “(gatefold sleeve, colour vinyl, you know the kind of thing) with 85 minutes of psychedelic sounds. 19 great bands reinterpret the best the 60s had to offer – from phased sunshine pop, to acoustic psych, to far-out fuzz and all things in between and, occasionally, to the side”.
For this one I chose to record a version of the Todd Rundgren / Nazz song “Open My Eyes”. One of the interesting things about FDM releases, is that none of the artists know what the others are going to sound like, so when you eventually do get your ears around it, it never fails to surprise me how synergistic the whole process is…the flow is surprisingly natural.
For this song I essentially stuck to the arrangement, but tried to do it in my own way… Great Riff, phase shifters galore, interesting drums and a chance to go off on some guitar. A workout…and it sold out before it was ever printed…Vinyl is back (never went away for some), or so it seems and this makes me very happy. keep off eyes


Ipse, At Non Solus

Ipse, At Non Solus

This is a solo record of mine recorded in Dec. 2011, an instrumental outing. Here's a review from Mr. Atavist (Sunrise Ocean Bender: WRIR FM 97.3)
Jay Tausig is indeed himself, and he alone wrote and performed Ipse, At Non Solus, a fiery prog workout that should satisfy old school yearnings without leaving you feeling like you just got a cheap imitation or wrapped yourself in an old moth eaten gold cape. Stripping the bloat and overblown showmanship, Tausig conjures up the choicest ghosts of prog past into a thoroughly modern setting. Everything gels and shines without calling attention to the fact that this is the work of a one man army with the battle cry of ‘look what I can do.’ The fact that he did do it all is a massive piece of the puzzle, and appeal, but it’s obvious that’s not the mission. Making touchstones out of Crimson, Tull, Yes, Hawkwind, Floyd and more top shelf ingredients than your favorite overpriced upscale bar, Tausig blends them all into his own statement, that if anything, could by-pass a prog pigeon-hole and be called traditional. I’d hazard a guess Tausig is simply making the prog records he wants to hear. No small feat, and neither is having your heart, and to these ears, taste in the right place.

Impetus and the Outward Spiral kicks it all off with a rush and a middle section that walks a fine line between being somewhat of a respite, and a slightly unhinged freakout; a perfect bellwether for what unfolds. Through the Ozone takes the dynamic gallop of Tull at their finest and ups the ante as well as thickens it without turning it into congested prog pudding. Green Planet (Song for Zero) proves it’s not all histrionics and pyrotechnics, providing not only a more unhurried outing, but strengthens the dynamics overall. Next up, Teeth shows it has some, a full mouth…from molars to incisors. Opening with a Crimson like stomp, Teeth moves through fusion tinged breaks and billowy space clouds. Clouds become vapor trails on Elementals, the longest cut that never over stays its welcome, or takes more than it needs to get done what it set out to do. The title cut swings back around to the more vivid, reigniting the fireworks of the more incendiary cuts, but still tempered with enough places to wander and slow down that it doesn’t wear you out.

Closer Nocturne winds down for the landing with a Genesis feel that rolls out for a tasteful finish, not too hot, but not tepid, highlighting another big appeal of Ipse, At Non Solus: for all the instrumental working out and fireworks, it never comes across as putting the foot through the floorboards. Tempered with cuts like Green Planet and Elementals, Ipse, At Non Solus is aware that the highs and the heat mean nothing without the full spectrum.

Through the Ozone :: Jay Tausig :: Ipse, At Non Solus (2011, Lemuria Music)

You can purchase the download here for just $5: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/jaytausig


Sorrow’s Children

Sorrow's Children

The Pretty Thing’s classic album revisited, includes EXCLUSIVE Pretty Things live version of ‘Loneliest Person’

My contribution to this was a solo-reworking of “Well of Destiny”, which you could get away with saying that the original version was the strangest cut on this album. I just love a challenge, and in many ways this was one. There was no “picking it apart”, only getting certain phrases locked in and then it was just go for it…trying to keep with the spirit of the thing. Treated Piano, Phase shifters, a melting kind of sound.
‘S.F. Sorrow’ is THE definitive rock opera/concept album. Pre-dating ‘Tommy’, more fully-realised than The Small Faces”Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake’ or Nirvana’s ‘Simon Simopath’, S.F. Sorrow was a truly groundbreaking album that still sounds remarkable over 40 years after its inital release.
“What began as a ‘private’ project of a handful of tracks grew into a full-blown reinterpretation of the album through the eyes, ears, mouths and instruments of some great new artists”.


Head Music

I recorded a version of: "Surrounded By The Stars" by Amon Duul2 for this very inspiring Double Vinyl set.

2012 was the 40th anniversary of the launch of the Brain label...
By sheer coincidence, FDM released a compilation of classic kosmische/krautrock tracks, featuring songs first recorded by Amon Duul (I AND II!), Neu!, Can, Harmonia, Tangerine Dream, Jane and many more.
I am a really big fan of all the aforementioned groups...that sound has always been a big influence on me...Just in terms of the wild experimentation and sheer creativity of it all. Man.
The song "Surrounded By The Stars" seemed to be a good choice for me to try and do something different,
My first take at it was "too heavy" I think and not a good fit with the rest of the tracks. Not to be deterred I recorded a second version. One that focused on the acoustic elements as opposed to the electric side of things. This take was a better fit and so I'm really happy to be included on this compilation. Every track has something to offer fans of this, or any other kind of experimental / psychedelic music.


You say you want a Re-Evolution…

hollies 2

"Re Evolution - FDM Sings the Hollies", on which I contributed a version of the Graham Nash song "Elevated Observations"
For this particular track I used sitar, 12 string and electric guitar, Fender Precision Bass, Drums and Synthesizers. The vocals were really fun to put together, Some different harmony choices (Beatles-like?) That was the original intention set forth with this record anyway... The cross-fade at the end was achieved by having overdubs of one stereo mix fading out and slowing down, while another stereo mix was fading in and speeding up at the same time... while all of the individual tracks fade out and then back in underneath all this to the outro solo. Both of these time (and pitch) shifted stereo mixes were processed through Phase Shifters at changing rates and depths.. Well you know, we all want to change the world. Check out: fruitsdemerrecords.com for more info about this and other Vinyl Only releases from this great label.
Artwork by Frank Suchomel.
Some words from Keith founder of FDM:
"The Hollies - Manchester's answer to The Beatles, and a bloody good answer at that. Great songs, great vocals, great band - so why are they so massively underrated? Their albums, especially from 66-68, were minor masterpieces, but their record label seemed obsessed with singles success, so the albums were under promoted and many of the songs rarely heard. Fruits de Mer has done its bit to redress the balance with an LP + 7" extravaganza that showcases 16 songs, reinterpreted by FdM artists from the UK, USA, Russia, Sweden and Portugal, including The Higher State, The Bevis Frond, Us and Them, Jay Tausig, Beautify Junkyards, Hi-Fiction Science and The Electric Stars.
All housed in a stunning gatefold sleeve designed by Frank Suchomel (who also designed 'Sorrow's Children', so you just know it's going to be good)....

It started out as a four-track ep and just grew and grew..
FdM asked artists old and new what The Hollies would have siounded like if they's spent more time East of Darlington, Graham Nash hadn't packed his kaftan and left for the West Coast and EMI had given them all unlimited time in Abbey Road, unlimited quantities of drugs and unlimited access to Norman Smith - the results might not sound much like that - but it was a start-point..."
It's taken nearly a year to come together, but i think it's been worth it - i hope you do too.


Gift For The End

This is the 2nd release from Mariee Sioux, who is a friend and very talented singer / songwriter from here in the Sierra Foothills. I guested on this one, playing Synth, flute, some cello and violin treatments…zither. Some of the synths were just doing their own thing (analog). It seemed that they were tuned in to the mixes I was working with. I really enjoyed playing flute on this, I think it added a haunted sort of quality to some of the tunes… “Mariee makes gentle music that encapsulates the fierceness of the wild. Her latest album Gift for the End inspires the sensuous and provides instruction for returning to the earth and intimate realities of the animals. The first track titled “Homeopathic” is a perfect entryway to an album that cleans us with natural healing remedies and entrances us in melodies for the ride.” A wonderful record. We did a live show together recently which was great fun, sadly I couldn’t make the SF American Music Hall gig because of a previous booking…would love to do so again though. This music performed live is a magical thing. Thanks Mariee!!